How to convert your pool to a salt water system?

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The popularity of saltwater systems has been grown in recent years. There are many benefits of saltwater pools as they are easy on skin and hair and also are much healthier than chlorine. Chlorine pools contain many chemicals and can be very harmful to health. It is better to switch to saltwater pools as they are chlorine free and will provide you a better experience while swimming. Saltwater System is much suitable and is also less costly than chlorine pools. Instead of getting a new pool, you can convert your pool to a saltwater system by following the simple steps.

Let us know some of the easy steps by which you can convert your pool to a salt water system which are as follows:-

  • Choose the best salt chlorinator

In the first step, you need to choose a salt system that is 1/3 larger than your pool. You have to consider the gallon capacity of your pool as the chlorinator will be added by knowing the capacity of a gallon. By knowing the gallon capacity, you can choose the right salt chlorinator for your pool.

  • Type and amount of salt to be used

The salt used for the saltwater pool is non-ionized, and you can easily get this from retails shops.

  • Eliminate the use of phosphates

You need to eliminate the use of phosphates as it is the food source for algae which can contaminate the water by building up their scale.

  • Maintain the pool

You need to maintain your pool by adding up the conditioner and other things that are good for pool. Maintenance will provide the highest water quality, and you will enjoy swimming in water.

By following these steps, you can easily convert your pool to a salt water system, and you can enjoy the healthy and crystal clear water. You will have a better experience in salt water pools than chlorine pools.